About Us

We’re glad you’ve found us.  Since 2007, we’ve helped hundreds of families and care providers safely connect online for local jobs. TutorMaster is the most trusted job matching service used by families to find affordable, trustworthy caregivers, providing a safe place to easily connect, get advice and hire with confidence.

The company provides a valuable service through the entire life cycle of a family from childcare; special needs care, pet sitting, tutoring, personal assistants, and housekeeping to senior care.

The service helps families and caregivers find the best possible two-way match through personalized searches and detailed profiles including background checks, online interviews, references, reviews, and more. 

More of our Tutors/Teachers

  • Name: Balegugu
  • Area: Johannesburg Central
  • Service: Au Pair Tutor

  • Name: Shingai
  • Area: Johannesburg Central
  • Service: English Primary, Home Tutor

  • Name: Dani
  • Area: Johannesburg East
  • Service: Mathematical Literacy Tutor

  • Name: Brenda
  • Area: Johannesburg Central
  • Service: Mathematics Tutor

  • Name: Gillian
  • Area: Johannesburg North
  • Service: All Primary Subjects Tutor

  • Name: Bavita Valab
  • Area: Johannesburg South
  • Service: Marketing Tutor

  • Name: Jean-Pierre
  • Area: Cape Town Winelands
  • Service: Mathematics Tutor

  • Name: Allison
  • Area: Cape Town Southern Suburbs
  • Service: Economics Tutor